Aaron Carrillo

Los Angeles native Aaron Carrillo was bred in the underground house and hip hop culture. His earliest memories of Hip Hop and House music are from childhood, when his brother introduced him to the sounds of Kurtis Blow and Little Louie Vega, giving him a taste of the brewing underground hip hop and house cultures. From there he began listening to the late night mixes on Power Tools, struggling to find the artists who sang the songs on the radio (the days before social media) and having to wait for school dances to hear some tracks that always had the dance circles jumping, like The Outhere Brothers – Boom Boom Boom.

As he grew up he was always trying to find the spots with the best music in L.A, but none of those commercial spots played the good stuff, especially being they were 18 and over venues. So he ventured to his first EDC in 2007, catching amazing sets by DJ Heather, Mark Farina, Roger Sanchez and many other funky, deep house artists, and also meeting other dancers and being introduced to “house dancing” and “Voguing”, both of which he began incorporating into his Krump dancing , becoming one of the first individuals to mix these dance styles.

The minute he turned 21 in 2008, he started attending Marques Wyatts “DEEP” at the then Vanguard Nightclub in Hollywood. The House Scene was instant love for him. The music, the artists, the dancers, the crowd, all of it…it completely enhanced the way he had always understood House Music. All he had prior to this were EDC and Power Tools, which were great but don’t give that intimate experience with the artists like clubs do…and to add just that much more, Mark Farina was the headliner.

Since then, he started attending and supporting many underground warehouse parties, as a dancer, in and outside of Los Angeles, becoming well versed in the Los Angeles House Community and finding new reasons to keep falling in love with the House culture over and over again. During these years he began experimenting with music production and DJ’ing. With influences from styles like Chicago Jackin’ house, New York Deep house and a twist of West Coast Hip Hop, he’s found a style for himself that is blossoming into something unique.

In late 2015, he became apart of a DJ Duo called ETHNiKZ. Through this duo many opportunities arose including his first 3 track releases under which, were “Jam With You” , “It’s Been Done” and “Infunktion” via Oxygen Records, Abracadabra records and 70×7 Records; plus many memorable and amazing DJ gigs throughout Los Angeles including Avalon nightclub, Exchange, Create, Los Globos and other hot house music venues in the area.

Aaron, now as a solo artist, has begun his journey with his first official solo drop “Ain’t It” via Oxygen Records in October 2017. He also has since released other original tracks such as “Young Love”, “Light That Ass”, “Baby Back Up” and “Hat to the Back” which include lyric samples from Erykah Badu, Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg. All can be found as free downloads via his SoundCloud. His next official release, “Summer in Fall” is due April 9th via Disco Balls Records, which will be available exclusively on Traxsource, followed by all other major music outlets. His next release is coming soon via Production Block Records. Needless to say, he’s on the move with his unique house style to share with the world!

SUBSTATION Resident DJ Aaron Carrillo hosts Lab Sessions on substation.one


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